Yvonne Judge is so skilled and competent and appreciated learning I used smoking to relax – check out and the reason exercising didn’t replace my need bec it was the opposite effect.
A smoker (again) after a cold turkey stop nearly 20 years ago and started again 5 years ago during an awful period in my life. I found I liked smoking too much or perhaps having frequent “time outs” in my day and didn’t want to part ways. Fact was I couldn’t ever afford smoking W today’s prices and was getting harder for me to find money to buy them, the impact on my health sometimes too noticeable, the too early for my age wrinkles under my eyes, I knew came from smoking and Worst of All, Feelings of Powerlessness to …cigarettes?!

Tried every alternative: patches, gum, exercise etc and nothing helped.

I researched hypnosis vs hypnotherapy and based on positive reviews of Yvonne, I gave it A try.
***understand, before we began, I wanted so badly to run out and have one “last” one…ummm, that didn’t happen and felt antsy but as we started I felt relaxed and the fidgetiness gone…went to 2/3 appointments and around 3+months felt the want creeping in but realized “no way- I actually don’t want it”.
I recommend completing all 3 sessions as prescribed and I’m now going to finish.
I again feel empowered and strong!