I suffered from a few issues that I knew needed to be adjusted and hearing about hypnotherapy, decided to give it a try. Yvonne Judge was my therapist and while we only worked for a few months, I felt an overwhelming need to complete a novel, and improve my writing skills (and still do).… Read the rest

hypnosis for success testimonial
Tony P.

Yvonne is wonderful! She quickly put me at ease. The process was fascinating. I was skeptical in the beginning, but my hypnosis session has provided me with tools to help me feel peaceful, calm and in control in stressful situations. … Read the rest

hypnosis for stress testimonial
Leslie K.

100% would recommend. she has helped me with my pains, was very helpful and soothing.

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hypnosis for pain relief testimonial
Sandra C.

I have severe depression and anxiety, and Yvonne was able to help me figure out how to turn them down and how to put myself in a calm place. if you need help, or even just someone to talk you into your own mind, then she is the best!!… Read the rest

Young woman with anxiety and depression
Mahkayla B.